In Secret Places, Kay pens a unique and redemptive tale about what happens when we bend our values to fit our carnal desires. You will find yourself in a love hate relationship with Moni and Sam as they try to pull themselves out of their web of deceit. It kept me turning pages to find out what’s next. I can’t wait to see more from this author. ~ Rhonda Bowen, author Get You Good & Under Covers

Secrets Places is an amazing story of restoration and redemption. I was quickly pulled into Moni and Sam and Debo’s story and Kay held me there until the very last line. She is an anointed storyteller and a master at characterization. Readers will not soon forget this book or God’s message of forgiveness between the pages. ~ Rhonda McKnight, author of An Inconvenient Friend & Romance Slam Jam Award winning novel, Unbreak My Heart.

This is a quick, easy read that packs a powerful punch. Author Vivian Kay has bravely shone a spotlight on subject matter that is not usually covered in works of Christian fiction and I applaud her for that, because the truth of the matter is, there are people, Christians, dealing with similar situations who need to know and understand there is deliverance and healing available for them. This book clearly illustrated the dangers of letting the tiniest bit of sin creep into your life and/or marriage, whether in thought or deed. It also nicely illustrates the saving grace of God. At times, this book made me cringe, made me angry, and left me in shock–and shouldn’t a good book evoke that type of emotion? This reboot of the author’s debut novel is definitely worth the read. ~ Adrienne Thompson, author of Ain’t Nobody.

In her debut, Secret Places, Vivian Kay takes readers on a shocking but no less entertaining ride into the lives of two couples who decide to fix their marriage by any means necessary. Their journey takes them to places they never imagined. Secret Places is a story of redemptive love that readers won’t forget in a hurry. You think you know but
you have no idea. ~ Unoma Nwankwor, Author of the NWA Award winning novel, When You Let Go and the National Bestseller, He Changed My Name.


I love it when an author creates endearing characters right from the beginning. Even better when they’re all caught up in a disaster waiting to happen. Vivian Kay’s descriptive writing puts you “right there” in the midst of it all-hold on for the ride!

Michelle Stimpson-Author, Speaker, Educator


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