Difficult Decisions


When Marigold said yes to her former best friend Logan’s request to act as a surrogate mother, her life changed. In a bid to make sense of an unexpected turn of events, Marigold takes refuge at her grandmother’s home in the sleepy town of Mapleville. It’s one of the easier decisions she has to make.
In Toronto, Marigold’s witty neighbour, Archibong, is waiting for her. Archibong’s intention is clear. He wants to be a permanent part of Marigold’s life. Marigold is not immune to his potent Nigerian charm. Can she trust that Archibong’s love is the forever kind when others have disappointed her?
Marigold is back at home when Logan shows up at her door to remind her of a promise she made. Despite her renewed faith in God, the ground underneath Marigold’s feet shifts. She knows that a person’s word should be their bond, but surely there are promises one should not have to keep?